Trump Says He Needs To ‘Research Hitler’ Before Deciding If He’s A ‘Bad Guy’

Doubling-down on his need to “research” egregiously awful bigots, not only does Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump claim he needs to look into David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, now he’s not quite sure if Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was awful either.

Free Wood Post caught up with Trump after a recent rally in Georgia where the candidate’s security detail relayed to us that we could only ask exactly one question. So, making the best use of our time, and considering he doesn’t think the KKK is so bad, we thought we’d go balls to the wall. We asked:

“Mr. Trump, many are comparing your policy suggestions and antics to that of Adolf Hitler, would you agree or disagree?”

Trump responded:

“That’s a great question. Really great. Great like me, in fact. Truth is, I’d need to research Hitler to really determine if he were a bad guy or not. I can’t just answer that without putting the proper thought into it. But really great question. Moving along.”

It would seem that Donald Trump is either ridiculously racist, or incredibly stupid. Who in their right mind needs to “research Hitler” to determine if he were a bad guy or not? He’s, quite honestly, likely the worst guy to ever exist in the history of the universe.

This answer should really give voters something to think about. However, he likely just jumped in the polls again seeing as his winning strategy is to be as awful as humanly possible. It seems to be what Republicans look for in a candidate these days.

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