All Guns Carried Into School Libraries and Common Areas Must Have Silencers

With the recent ruling by the Iowa House of Representatives to allow children as young as one-year-old to carry a gun as well as the Texas law enacted to allow concealed weapons on the campuses of public colleges and universities; some wonder what will be next.

We didn’t have to wait long. As of today, where guns are allowed on school campuses, they will be required to have silencers in libraries and other gathering areas. The reasoning according to State Rep Jake Highfill (Rep)…

“We feel adding the use of silencers in common areas will help alleviate the worry of disturbing other students.”

In other words, if shooting breaks out no one will hear it coming. But at least their study time won’t be disturbed.

Seems the pre-school fight over Play-Doh just became deadly serious. Hopefully, lawmakers come to their senses soon and realize this is not what the Founders meant by “well regulated militia.”


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