President Obama Declares Donald Trump’s Hair National Wildlife Refuge

In what can only be seen as an act that has been a long time coming, President Obama has finally declared Donald Trump’s hair a National Wildlife Refuge for birds.

In a statement put out by the White House, it says:

“Donald’s hair is a natural habitat for these birds who may not otherwise have a place to call home. Once seeing the camera angle of Trump’s hair on MSNBC after the GOP debate, it became clear that this was a natural decision to make. We must always seek to preserve our wildlife and remember that humans aren’t the only one’s who need to live on this planet. From here on out, Donald Trump’s hair will be a National Wildlife Refuge for birds.”




The decision to make this declaration should really come as no surprise to anyone who has seen Trump’s hair at any given moment in time for the past several decades. President Obama seems to really drive home two points: Birds need a home, and maybe The Donald needs a better stylist.

No word back from Trump’s camp as of yet after we sought his reaction to the announcement.

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