After Visit To Mosque, Obama Inspired To Put ‘In Allah We Trust’ On Currency

It has been said that the founding religion of the United States is Christianity. However, that’s a load of malarkey considering the nation was founded mostly by Deists who didn’t see Jesus as the son of God. So, there goes that theory. Although, in the 1950s some over-zealous members of Congress thought that it was due time to tear up the First Amendment’s separation of church and state and put “In God We Trust” on all American currency.

So, keeping with the theory that we apparently can do whatever we please as long as it fits a narrative, President Obama felt inspired to change things up a bit after his recent visit to a Mosque. He told Free Wood Post:

“For decades now we’ve had this phrase ‘In God We Trust’ placed on our currency, but it really shouldn’t be there. Not everyone believes in a God, nor should anyone ever be required to. So, to make  a point to all those who think we’re a Christian nation, I’m asking Congress to put ‘In Allah We Trust’ on all currency. It makes just as much sense as having ‘God’ so why not? After all, ‘Allah’ is the Arabic word for ‘God’ so they really shouldn’t take issue with it, right? Ultimately, though, I want Congress to see that we should have no reference to any deity on our currency. It’s not necessary and it makes no sense. Maybe then they’ll be able to see the reason why we need to make sure we’re an all-inclusive nation, and not just catering to one specific religion. One can dream, right?”

It’s not likely that President Obama’s maneuver to ultimately get all references to religion off currency will work, but we have to applaud him for his effort.


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