Trump Throws FULL Tantrum After Iowa Loss, Tears Off And Tosses Hair Piece (IMAGE)

Well, if you’ve ever wondered if Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump wore a hair piece, wonder no longer. After his loss to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus, Trump didn’t take it very well at all. In fact, he went dark on Twitter for quite some time and didn’t emerge back into the Twitterverse until he’d calmed down enough to come up with an excuse as to why he lost.

However, it was in the moments after Trump’s loss that he completely went bonkers. After the loss he boarded his plane for New Hampshire. When he landed and walked down to the tarmac we were able to ask him a few questions, one of which being, “What do you think was the cause of your loss in Iowa?” This was when Trump lost his mind.

Apparently tired from travel and overwhelmed by the loss, our question sent Trump over the top. It was then when he threw a full tantrum ripped off his hair, and tossed it onto the ground while saying, “I thought you were my good luck hair! You’re a loser!”


Trump after landing in NH Tuesday morning after losing to Ted Cruz in Iowa.

It was then when three assistants ran up to Trump with several briefcases that were then opened to reveal several new hair pieces for Trump to choose from. When he chose the one he desired he spoke softly to it, “You’re the winner. You’re gonna take me all the way.”

Only time will tell if his new hair will indeed bring him good luck. However, we here at Free Wood Post are still trying to figure out what exactly we just witnessed.

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