Most Of America Pretty Sure Ted Cruz Is A Slimeball (POLL)

In a recent poll put out by FWP it has been determined that Ted Cruz is not thought of very well by the majority of Americans. We asked every citizen in the United States if they consider Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to be a slimeball and the results were overwhelming. In fact, the results are as follows:

Poll conducted by FWP of every citizen in the United States

Poll conducted by FWP of every citizen in the United States

While Cruz does seem to be favored by men who like to go to war for no reason, the majority of men still think he’s pretty gross. We’re uncertain who the 20% of women who actually like Cruz are, but children seem to be pretty on point with their opinion, and animals even more so. In fact, nearly every animal polled, minus a few goldfish who couldn’t remember why he’s so gross, were absolutely appalled by the senator.

When upon asking one woman what she thought of the senator, she answered with a very clear and concise response that seemed to sum up the entire poll:

“After five minutes of hearing him speak you suddenly feel the need to shower.”

It’s unsure if this poll will affect Cruz’s chances at the White House, but it definitely doesn’t bode well for the senator.

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