George W. Bush Writes Thank You Note To GOP And Trump For Making Him Look Smart

There’s at least one person in the country who is happy with this year’s boatload of GOP crazy: former President George W. Bush.

While the entire nation is still trying to wrap their head around how Donald Trump has gotten as far as he has, Bush decided he would buy a new pack of Crayola crayons, pick out his favorite color (red for Republican, of course) and write the GOP a thank you note.

We here at Free Wood Post were the first to catch a full glimpse of the note. It reads:

“Hey guyz, Thanx so much! You make me look smart. -W”



Simple and concise.

And he’s not wrong. After eight long years of dealing with the shenanigans coming out of his administration, everything he did looks tame in comparison to what Trump wants to do as president.

It certainly was nice of him to take the time to write the hand-written note.

Featured image: Facebook/photoshop

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