Megyn Kelly Warning To Trump Ahead Of Debate: I’m Menstruating

With only two days until the final Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses, debate moderator Megyn Kelly had some fun at the expense of GOP frontrunner and reality TV personality, Donald Trump.

Trump has expressed doubts about attending Thursday’s debate if Kelly, the Fox News host with whom he clashed at the August debates, is not removed as a moderator.

Kelly fired back in a tweet directed at Trump, “Better come prepared, I’m menstruating.”

The jab clearly harkens back to the beginnings of their feud and a comment Trump had made to CNN regarding Kelly.

At the first Republican debate in August. Megyn Kelly asked Trump about the derogatory words he has used to describe women, from “fat pigs” to “dogs and disgusting animals.”

Trump was more than a little pissed off and felt that Kelly was targeting him. He started by attacking the Fox News host on twitter then continued his infantile tirade in a post-debate interview with CNN stating, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trumps comment was a not so subtle attempt to say that Kelly must have been mean to him because she must have been on her period.

Now as Trump tries to bully Fox into firing Kelly as moderator for the upcoming debate. Kelly throws his stupidity right in his face.

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