Crazy Lady Endorses Racist Douchebag

In a move that should come as no surprise to anyone Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. It was a marriage long in the making and one that perfectly makes sense. Trump has gone above and beyond to be as outrageous as possible during his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, and who better than the outrage queen herself to fall in line with his racist doctrine.

A representative from Palin’s camp responded to our request for comment with this statement:

“Trump’s our guy! He’s always been our guy. Sarah knew from the moment he ate pizza with a fork and then wanted to ban all Mexicans and Muslims. She knows what’s good for American and that’s to make America white again.”

When we asked, “Don’t you mean make America ‘great’ again?” Palin’s camp responded, “Potato potahto, it’s the same gosh darn thing.”

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as more endorsements make themselves known.


Featured image: flickr/flickr

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