Obama’s Microphone Being Prepared For Final, Colossal Mic Drop

After seven long years of delivering the State of the Union to the citizens of the United States, President Obama is now preparing for his final one. He’s made it clear that he no longer gives any fucks in regards to how Republicans feel about him, and is prepared to just keep it remarkably real and not cater to any sort of bullshit.

Knowing that the president is about to lay down his most badass State of the Union yet, workers at the Capitol are currently making sure that the president’s microphone is prepared and reinforced. It can be certain that Obama will be dropping his mic hard after he’s completed his speech.

Reinforcements being made include extra tightening of all components and a rubbery windscreen that should absorb the brunt of the fall. The reinforcements should be completed just before the many arrive to listen to his speech.

It will definitely be one to remember.


Featured image: Instagram

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