Man In Mid-Twenties Supports Trump ‘Making America Great Again’ Despite Being Born In Early 90s

Chad Richardson, 25, of Rochester, NY was spotted sitting alone at a recent Donald Trump event in his city wearing cargo shorts and a ball cap with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” He drew our attention when he was fidgety every time his shadow appeared next to him due to the lighting in the room. We asked Mr. Richardson a few questions.

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): Why is Donald Trump your choice?

Chad Richardson: He’s great, you know! Usually I’m silent and reserved. Mostly due to me being insecure of change. But when Mr. Trump emerged, I felt an overwhelming feeling of confidence to speak my mind! I mean, I’d never talk about my views in public, but on the internet, I let my views be heard loud and clearly!

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): How old are you Chad?

Chad Richardson: I’m 25!

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): So, you’re 25 and believe in making America great again, correct?

Chad Richardson: Of course! It’s time to take our country back and make it amazing like it was back in the day!

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): But you were born in the early 90’s. You grew up during the time of the Democratic Presidency of Bill Clinton and a changing American landscape filled with Progressive change.

Chad Richardson: Yeah but I heard stories! My dad told me how great America was during the 60’s!

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): You mean the 60’s where we saw the beginning of a changed America that became more acceptable of Progressive advancements?

Chad Richardson: But… the Mexicans! They’re taking our jobs!

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): What do you do for work, Chad?

Chad Richardson: Well, I work for a furniture sales company.

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): Are Spanish-speaking Mexicans taking over your industry?

Chad Richardson: No. But we did hire a new Muslim guy. Can’t trust them either. They’re scary and look different than me.

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): Oh yeah? What country is he from?

Chad Richardson: He’s from Mumbai! What kind of crap is that!? Letting these Middle Eastern folks in here!

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): Mumbai is a city in India, which is not in the Middle East nor is Mumbai a country.

Chad Richardson: Well he wears the funny little wrap around his head and he’s brown skinned. He’s perfect for ISIS.

Ronnie Freeman (Reporter): Do you understand what you’re saying?

Chad Richardson: LEAVE ME ALONE YOU CLINTON LOVER! You liberals always support the Muslims and their agenda to destroy America!

Mr. Richardson stood up and left the interview in a frenzy while dropping his pocket sized Confederate flag.

We were later escorted off the premises due to having brown skin and “looking too much like Muslims.”

Phone calls to Trump’s campaign office have not been answered.


Featured image: Pixabay

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