Trump Bites Head Off Kitten At Florida Rally, Jumps Ten Points In Polls

Lately, it has seemed like nothing Donald Trump has said or done can get him into trouble with his supporters. In fact, the more horrible he is, the better he does. He can be as racist, sexist and vile as possible and his poll numbers continue to rise. However, what Trump just did at a recent rally in Florida has left most sane people mortified. Yet, despite his actions, his poll numbers continue to rise.

While at a campaign event in Florida, Trump was introduced to the stage. He entered holding an adorable kitten. The crowd cheered. Then, as if he was overcome by the devil himself, Trump bit off the head of the kitten, spit the head into the first row of onlookers, and flung the rest of the kitten out into the crowd.


Trump right after flinging the kitten into the audience.

However, what happened next was mind-boggling. Instead of being horrified, the crowd cheered even louder! And then two days later Trump’s poll numbers jumped 10 points, increasing his lead among all the GOP candidates running for president.

There seems to be absolutely nothing Trump can say or do to make his supporters not like him. Nothing. Not even biting the head off an adorable kitten. The Republican base of voters has either become incredibly evil or just devastatingly moronic. Likely both.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)/photoshop

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