Michigan Governor Will Be Required To Sit Over Dunk Tank Filled With Toxic Water From Flint

After declaring that the water in Flint, Michigan was safe more than 18 months ago, Gov. Rick Snyder has a lot to answer for considering the water is utterly toxic. Lead levels are through the roof and the governor is only now declaring a state of emergency. The Department of Justice and EPA are currently investigating the situation.

Due to this horrific toxicity in the water, Snyder has asked the citizens of Flint what he can do to help. Not really giving two shits what that asshole has to say, the citizens, while at a town hall meeting, decided that they would set up a dunk tank filled with gallons upon gallons of the water Snyder declared was safe. Citizens will then be able to freely dunk the governor as many times as their heart desires.

They made sure to tell him, “trust us, it’s safe.”


Flint Dunk Tank

Citizens are already starting to line up to get their chance at dunking Snyder. Chances are, every last citizen in that city is going to want to get their chance at dunking the bastard who’s allowed, with no accountability, the poisoning of an entire city, including children.

This event, in no way, makes up for any amount of poisoning, and the investigations will still be ongoing, but if Snyder really wants to “do whatever [he] can” for the citizens of Flint, he best show up in his bathing suit for this dunk tank in a few weeks.

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