GOP Upset Obama Wants To Prevent Their Mentally Unstable Voting Base From Buying Guns

After President Obama unveiled a series of Executive Actions that will help curb the epidemic of gun violence by enforcing existing gun laws and have doctors report those who may not be mentally stable enough to own a gun the FBI, the Republican party has been livid.

House Speaker Paul Ryan took to Twitter to denounce Obama’s actions, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the following statement:

“What the president is trying to do is utter reprehensible. He’s trying to strip our entire voting base of their right to own a firearm. Who does he think he is asking doctors to report those who may not be mentally stable enough to own and operate a firearm to the FBI? He knows full well that our entire voting base is mentally unstable. This is an attack not only on liberty, but on the Republican party as a whole.”

While there may still be a few moderates left in the Republican party who are still fairly reasonable people who would be able to own and operate a gun, those folks probably don’t feel the need to. McConnell knows that the deeply paranoid, far right-wing of his party is likely going to have their rights revoked from gun ownership, which explains why he believes the second amendment is being attacked.

However, as it states in the second amendment, firearms are to be well-regulated. Perhaps Republicans should look at the bigger issue of paranoia and insanity within their own party instead of just pointing fingers at the president.

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