Local Militia Throws Hissy Fit Over Not Getting Away With Breaking The Law

It was a cold day in rural Oregon when a group of local men who declared themselves a militia, and are obsessed with overcompensating for lack of penis size, decided to throw a hissy fit for two ranchers who broke the law. They didn’t like the fact that their white privilege didn’t get them out of doing what no one is allowed to do. After all, being white men had gotten them out of so many predicaments in the past.

When Twitter caught wind of what was going on, many more lesser endowed, self-proclaimed “patriots” also defended the rule breakers and the hissy fit makers. The temper tantrum started with a protest and ended up with a takeover of a federal building. Which, if they were Muslim, or hell even a slightly darker hue than white, would’ve been immediately stormed and taken down by police. After all, using weapons in an uprising against the government is seditious at best, treasonous to be honest.

However, no. The media chooses to ignore these men who should be wearing diapers, because their behavior is indicative of their age and understanding of the Constitution. One can only assume that they are only an infant or a toddler at best. The media decided to instead paint them as peaceful protesters who are using their freedom of speech, not noticing that they were actually starting an illegal insurrection against the government. But, they’re white, so, they get a pass.

It’s all good for white domestic terrorists to threaten to shoot police. However, if a black man were to try to sell cigarettes at a nearby convenience store, the police will be sure to kill him immediately. And the same white men throwing the hissy fits will think it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. Whether or not this man was actually doing something wrong isn’t put into question, and the media will perfectly paint this black man as a thug who was a threat, even if he was doing nothing at all.

It’s likely these adult toddlers with guns will get a complete pass from authorities. Meanwhile, that sound you hear is the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves over this allowance of insurrection by an illegal unregulated militia.

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