Trump Bashes Jesus: I’ll Be Able To Save You Without Some Silly Cross

Most of us already knew that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was already a narcissistic egomaniac, but what he recently said at the Faith and Freedom Conference may have officially crossed the line.

While speaking to the crowd of supposed Christians, Trump was again boasting how he is going to magically, without any policy ideas, “make America great again.” In the past he’s said that things under his leadership would be the “best ever” and somehow “save” America from the brink of whatever he thinks is wrong, but while ranting and raving about himself, he seems to have compared himself to Jesus. Not only that, he insinuated that he’s actually better than Jesus.

“You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna make America great again. You know how I’m gonna do it? I’m gonna get the best people, only the greatest. I’m gonna save our country. I’m gonna save this nation like nothings been saved before. I’m gonna save this nation like Jesus saved Christians. Except, I’ll be able to save you without some silly cross. I don’t like guys who let themselves get nailed to a cross. Real saviors don’t need crosses, they need know-how. And know-how is what you’ll get with President Trump.”

His words were greeted with uproarious applause from a crowd of supporters, mainly white Christians, who either didn’t hear what he said, or actually agree with him.

When Free Wood Post caught up with some of Trump’s fellow Republican supporters, we asked them what they thought of Trump’s comments about being better than Jesus Christ. The response from a few was utter disgust, while others may try the line themselves with him because they don’t know how to think for themselves. No matter how outrageous Trump is, he’s only an election away from winning the Oval Office. It will be interesting to see how these latest remarks effect his chances.

Image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)

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