Lindsey Graham After Dropping Out: ‘The Republican Party Is F*cked’


There weren’t many sane voices among the many, many running for President of the United States on the Republican ticket, but Lindsey Graham was almost one of them. He had much more realistic goals as far as taxes, foreign policy, and White House China patterns. However, it seems that even he, a man of over a decade of experience in the United States Senate, couldn’t even break the threshold of getting onto the main debate stage.

Concerned for his nation, but more for his party, Lindsey Graham spoke to Free Wood Post candidly after he announced he was dropping out of the race:

“Listen, the Republican party is fucked. There’s just no nice way to put it. Look who’s leading in the polls. You have the knucklehead Trump in first place, followed by that sleazebucket Ted Cruz. Then who? Carson? Jeb? Rubio? For fuck’s sake, they could have at least allowed me onto the main debate stage to actually have a solid voice of reason against the overwhelming buffoonery. As Pussy Galore would say, ‘I’m a damn good pilot. Period.’ And I’m a damn good candidate for president. Too bad the rest of America didn’t have a chance to notice. If Trump wins the nomination, you can kiss the GOP as we know it goodbye. We’re toast.”

Graham sure didn’t mince words, and he was visibly upset. Can’t really blame the guy, he did after all give it his best shot. Maybe next time. 2020 is only four years away. He can lose to Hillary then.


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