Recent Trump Comments About Muslims Beginning To Split Horribly Racist Voting Block


Billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments suggesting a ban on all Muslim movement into the United States has begun to split the horribly racist vote.

Many likely Republican voters were quick to support Trump:

“Screw those dirty Muslins. This country is for Americans. We were here first! God made America for white people.”

“Trump says what’s on all of our minds! Which are of course awful, disgusting thoughts.”

Others were quick to denounce Trump’s proposals:

“Look man, it’s wrong to hate people just because of their religious preference. I hate all dirty Arabs because their skin is dark, they wear funny clothes, and they don’t speak English. But they should be able to worship their stupid creator as they wish. We all should have that right. Trump should apologize to those smelly bastards.”

“He really crossed the line there. Yes, Muslims are disgusting and I hate them, but I’m cool with Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. You know, the good Muslims. Kareem had one serious sky hook. Remember that?”

Other Republican candidates are scrambling to respond to this fracture of what has long been a solid voting demographic for them. A staffer for Ted Cruz was reported as saying, “If we can’t heal this split among racist assholes soon, we’re going to have no chance next November.”

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