Joe Biden Is CLEARLY Over Republicans, And He’s Not Afraid To Speak His Mind


We haven’t heard much from Vice President Joe Biden over the last few months. Earlier this year he lost his son, and since then, well, he’s pretty much kept to himself except for when he made sure everyone knew he wasn’t going to be dumb enough to run for president.

However, the VP can’t stay quiet any longer. After months and months of watching Republican presidential candidates trying to out-racist the other, he’s finally stepping up and speaking out.

In a statement given exclusively to Free Wood Post, Biden tells us what’s on his mind, and to be honest, it’s what we’ve all likely been thinking to ourselves.

“You know, I’ve sat back long enough looking at these juvenile nincompoops talk out of their ass. It’s as if someone went into their brains and removed any sort of filter that would make them look like decent human beings. They are saying the damnedest things. And that Trump — my God — what the hell is that son of a bitch doing? It’s as if he literally has a horse living in his mouth shitting all over the place. Pardon my French. Then there’s Cruz and Carson who would be clever if not so evil. And the rest of the gang who just seems to like embarrassing themselves repeatedly over and over like some weird cult S&M ritual. All I can say is, I’m glad I never put my hat in the ring this time around. Let Hillary or Bernie deal with those idiots. I’m over it. I’m looking forward to my time after all these shenanigans. However, serving under President Obama, next to being the father of my kids and husband to Jill, has been the greatest privilege ever bestowed upon me.”

We appreciate Mr. Biden’s candor and are beyond thrilled that he came to us to air his grievances.

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