Trump Goes There: Muslims Belong In Camps Where We Can Keep Close Watch


While speaking at a campaign event in South Carolina, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump finally said what we’ve all been thinking he’s implied for the past few weeks — that Muslims should be put into “camps” where he says we can “keep close watch on them.”

Taking it a step further, after his plan to round up “every last” Muslim in the United States, being the business-minded fellow that he is, wants to put these Muslim-Americans to work. He said:

“What we have here now in America are people who want to harm us, and I don’t care if you say you’re a peace loving Muslim. If you’re Muslim, you’re out to hurt us. Does this make me a horrible person for saying this? I don’t care. We need to keep the best interests of the nation at heart. So what do we need to do? Round them up, every last one of them. I don’t care if they were born here, work here, and are just minding their business, we round them up. Who knows when they could turn. Then, we put them in camps so we can keep close watch on them. They need to know that we mean business. And speaking of business, we can use them for cheap labor to manufacture goods here in the United States. — See, I’m a good guy, I’m willing to let them work. — Are people going to go after me because of this plan? Probably, but all good plans sound bad until they’re proven to work. I guarantee you no Muslim extremist will ever harm another real American ever again. This is all part of how I’ll make America the greatest nation on earth again.”

Every time you think Trump has said the most awful, extreme thing ever imaginable, he goes and outdoes himself. He’s gone after almost every minority group at this point, and the more atrocious he is, the more his supporters adore him. It’s reprehensible.

What he’s planning here are just like the Jewish concentration camps during the times of Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Trump has been showing his true colors of extremism for months now, and the GOP really needs to make sure he’s not the nominee.

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