Trump Boasts On Fox News, Thankful He’s Not A ‘Loser Like The Rest Of America’


In what was supposed to be a lighthearted pre-Thanksgiving interview about what Donald Trump is most thankful for, the Republican presidential candidate dropped a bombshell.

Rather than being thankful for family or friends or good health or any of a number of things that most Americans would proclaim, Trump declared:

“I’m most thankful I’m not a loser like the rest of America.”

The visibly stunned Fox News interviewer, Megyn Kelly, tried to coax a better answer. However, Trump erupted into a tirade on everything he hated about America.

“No, no Kelly. Look, most of these so-called Americans are total losers. I don’t even think they qualify as Americans. I certainly don’t count them. The Muslims, Mexicans and Blacks can all go back where they came from if they’re not happy here. I’m going to make America great again and I’m going to do it by appointing winners like me when I’m president.”

We’re most thankful that Trump doesn’t have a hope in hell of becoming president.

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