Church Group Angered They Must Step Over Homeless To Protest Starbucks

Christians all over the country have expressed their disgust that Starbucks holiday cup is merely red and bares no Christmas symbols. Some have taken their anger to the streets to protest the anti-Christmas corporation.

Several Christian churches located in Louisville Kentucky banded together in the spirit of unity to protest their local Starbucks. The group however, became angered when their protest was impeded by the fact that there were several homeless people in front of the store blocking the way.

Shirley Sampson, a parishioner of the Louisville Baptist stated: “It was awful. We came together as a group of good Christians to let Starbucks know that they can’t get away with their anti-Christmas campaign and we had to step over dirty homeless people. I don’t know why they congregate there. It’s disturbing to everyone that has to use that sidewalk. They should just get jobs instead of begging for money and interrupting good people who are only trying to do the Lord’s work.”

When asked for a comment a Starbuck spokesman stated,” I’m not sure what they are so upset about. We’ve never had Christian symbols on our holiday cups. We’ve only had snowflakes, sleighs, snowmen… various winter imagery. This year we went with a cheery red.”

The Christian groups have vowed not to let the plight of the homeless get in their way and will continue the protests.

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