Ben Carson: ‘My Father Jor-El Sent Me To Earth From Kypton When I Was A Small Child’


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has been saying a lot of wild things lately, but none seems to be as wild as a claim he just made at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

While speaking to a group at a senior citizens home in Manchester, NH, he just made a claim that seems to have come straight out of the ‘Superman’ comics.

He said:

“I had a tumultuous childhood and upbringing. There was a lot that I had to overcome significant obstacles to get to where I am today. For instance, my father Jor-El sent me to Earth from Kypton when I was a small child. That was very difficult for me. I had to leave my birth planet and come to a new place and try to fit in and thrive.

There was also a time when I worked a short while at a newspaper called the Daily Planet, and I thought who better to write for a paper called the Daily Planet than a man who came from a different one.

I also have great superpowers that I have to disguise so that I fit in among everyone else. I can’t let people know that I can fly or see through buildings. There will be those who would tear me down and see me as different if those abilities were to be revealed. All you have to know about me is that I love America, and since I love America I will make sure you all are loved.”

Either Ben Carson is actually Superman, OR he is certifiably insane. Either way, he definitely makes for an interesting candidate.


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