Chaffetz Forced To Admit Planned Parenthood Video Was Scene From 1988 Movie ‘Child’s Play’


Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), already smarting from submitting a terribly misleading chart taken straight from an anti-abortion group during the recent Congressional Planned Parenthood hearings, has now been forced to admit that the undercover video he claimed to have been filmed at Planned Parenthood was just a short clip from the 1988 movie “Child’s Play.”

“Look at what has been done to this baby,” Chaffetz had said. “I’m told he was going to be named ‘Charles.’ He’s obviously fully formed and viable, yet you can see the slashes that were done to his face. This might be the kid that Carly Fiorina was talking about. Poor kid had to stitch himself up and take vengeance on his tormentors. I can’t say that I can approve of violence, but this kid seems pretty upset and he has a right to be. Every fertilized egg deserves a chance at life.”

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards had responded to Chaffetz in the hearing, “I’ve not seen this before, but there’s no way that video was taken at Planned Parenthood. That doesn’t even look like a real person. Is that a doll?”

“Well, you check your sources. I took that video right from your website,” Chaffetz had retorted.

But critics quickly took to Twitter and pointed out that the video clip was most likely taken from the 1988 movie “Child’s Play” which featured a doll named “Chucky” which goes on a murderous rampage due to possession by the soul of a serial killer. Chaffetz initially resisted the claim until it was pointed out that at the end of the video a small note read, “Child’s Play – MGM Studios, Copyright 1988.”

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