Many Republicans Concerned About The Safety Of Their ‘Loved Ones’ After Latest Shooting


With yet another mass shooting occurring in the United States, it gets people thinking about what matters most to them in the world. Things we love and cherish, and hope upon hope that nothing bad will ever happen.

Many Americans run to their loved ones after a mass tragedy to hold them close and let them know how much they love them.

Free Wood Post caught up with one of these people after this latest shooting. This self-identifying “freedom-loving” Republican said:

“With all these shootings, the thought of losing mine was a thought I couldn’t bear…”

When we asked the the names of his loved ones, he responded:

“I call this one ‘Sugar’,” he said as he patted his waist line. “And this one over here, this here is ‘Milly’.”

It was then made apparent that this man was pointing out his firearms. One, a Colt pistol holstered at his waist, and the other, his semi-automatic AR-15 leaning against the wall.

“These are the things that matter most to me,” he continued. “And I’m not about to let some liberal know-nothing come grab my guns because some people died somewhere I don’t live. What does that have to do with me? These are my guns. I need them. I love them. Without them, I’m a shell of a man.”

We reminded him that these mass shooting are a nationwide epidemic and could happen in his town just as much as anywhere else. A fact he quickly dismissed claiming he would be the “hero” to save the day, because nothing says “hero” like a random man with a gun entering into an already volatile situation.

It was clear that this man loved his guns more than the safety of others. He didn’t seem to think that any sort of gun reform was needs. In fact, he said more guns would reduce gun violence. Which is true in the same regard to more cars on the road equaling less traffic and accidents.

He ended by stating:

“These are my loved ones. And I’m not about to let anything happen to them.”

We truly hope he has a lifetime of happiness with his cold, inanimate objects that perfectly match his heart.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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