Pope Francis Met With Prisoners


Pope Francis is likely one of the closet Pontiffs in a long time to follow the teachings of Christ very literally. He eats with the poor, blesses the sick and weary, doesn’t believe in a lot of pomp and ceremony, and thinks of others before himself.

Knowing that Pope Francis is such a follower of the actions of Jesus, it should come to no surprise that he found himself in the presence of Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Jesus was known to meet with noted criminals and never turned a blind eye to anyone. In fact, upon Jesus’ crucifixion he was in between two criminals being hung for their crimes and he offered forgiveness.

Davis is a criminal who refuses to do her job as an elected public official. She feels she is above the law and shouldn’t have to do her constitutionally bound job that she was elected to do. She was even taken into custody and kept in prison for a number of days. She fails to realize that freedom of religion is the freedom to worship how she chooses on her own time, and not a free pass to push a specific faith on the people who elected her. It also doesn’t give her license to not do her job.

Pope Francis knew that she deserved a visit as well. All criminals have the right to ask for forgiveness, and the Pontiff knew that to be a true follower of Christ he owed it to Davis to allow her to ask for absolution.

This visit should really come as a surprise to no one. Pope Francis met with a number of prisoners in Philadelphia as well.

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