Hospitals On Stand By Awaiting Debate Drinking Game Participants

With the likelihood of an abundance of patients to overrun hospitals nationwide after the first presidential debate, several hospitals have made sure they are heavily staffed and on stand by to receive the influx of potential patients playing drinking games.

Many of the drinking games include drinking upon Donald Trump keywords like “Benghazi” or “Wall” or “freedom,” and especially “Radical Islamic terrorism,” as well as “God.” They also include phrases like “culture of dependency,” or “you can keep your doctor,” as well as “take back America.” And let’s not forget the amount of times the audience will cheer for something racist being said. Three shots for every time Trump tells a lie (keep puke bucket nearby).

Then there are Hillary Clinton keywords like “foreign policy” and “facts” or “experience” alongside the oldie but a goodie catch phrase “God given potential.” Three shots are to be taken if Hillary musters up enough courage to say, “no Donald, you’re wrong,” followed by a detailed reason why considering the media wants to ignore fact-checking.

These words and phrases have the chance of being uttered not just a few times, but hundreds of times, which may lead to severe alcohol poisoning.

Hospitals are urging these debate drinking game participants to use caution and maybe a low-alcohol content beverage as a choice. Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, or any other hard liquor are STRONGLY discouraged. Suggestions for use include Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coors Light, or their equivalent — water.

Nonetheless, hospitals will be ready. It is bound to be a busy night.

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