Secret Interview Reveals Defense Contractors Wanting To Go To War To Kill Babies For Money

If you thought those Planned Parenthood videos were bad, well, then you’re really not going to like what Free Wood Post uncovered during a recent undercover sting operation.

Wearing a super-secret spy camera, reminiscent of James Bond, Free Wood Post asked to have a quaint lunch with some members of Congress and military defense contractors. Of course, they obliged, because why wouldn’t they — we’re Free Wood Post, number one in news that’s almost reliable.

As they ate salad and sipped wine, they discussed their plans for an upcoming administration as well as past wars that they’ve been involved in. They kept going on and on about how much money they made from the war in Iraq, even how they used U.S. military troops as a pawn in their game. If you don’t remember, Iraq was the war based on lies that had nothing to do with 9/11 and everything to do with Halliburton profits. They even mentioned how many babies were killed by the bombs they built and all the weaponry they had gained contracts to construct.

Because of the nature of who was involved, we can’t show the video, but only release snippets of things that were said.

One defense contractor said:

“It’s a shame we have Obama in office, he’s really put a damper on our profiteering. Hopefully, we get a Republican in the Oval Office soon. It’s amazing how much money we can make off dropping bombs and killing people.”

To which a Congressman, that we promised would stay anonymous in any form of reporting, and didn’t know we were wearing a camera, said:

“We’re doing the best we can to make that happen. We’re working on a strategy to get into Iran as soon as possible. People fell for lies before, they’ll fall for them again.”

Another contractor said:

“Remember that time the bomb we built fell on that remote village killing 39 people, eleven of which were innocent babies? I didn’t see death, I saw dollar signs.”

This secret video is coming at a time when people are getting really outraged over videos featuring loss of life and the potential to make profit, so it’s befitting that it be known of now.

If reactions hold steady, as they are with the Planned Parenthood videos, we can likely plan on seeing and hearing Republicans and Fox News coming out harshly against any future wars of choice and plans to profit off of unnecessary wars that cause horrific loss of life for no reason whatsoever. They may even want to cut Defense Department spending drastically to make sure these wars don’t take place.

Free Wood Post will keep you updated as reactions roll in.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

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