New Video Shows Planned Parenthood Feeding Baby To Tyrannosaurus Rex (EXCLUSIVE IMAGE)

In a startling new video, the same group that brought you the other videos shining a spotlight on Planned Parenthood, have now obtained exclusive video footage of the women’s and community health organization purposefully feeding a baby to a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

They have only released one image so far, and seem to be telling everyone, including Free Wood Post, that the full video is just far too gruesome to actually be shown to the public, so they ask that we just take their word on it. This seems to be a similar pattern with this anti-abortion group, as their other videos are seen to be severely edited, likely to also not show the truly gruesome parts, or any facts.

Here is the screen capture from the exclusive video, that has NOT been edited, according to the group releasing the image.

via The Center For Medical Progress

It truly is horrifying to see a baby get fed to a T-Rex. That’s not something that is supposed to happen in today’s day and age. In fact, it seems almost impossible that it could happen at all. Some are saying that it is photoshopped just to cause outrage. However, why would they? That’s just ridiculous. THERE’S PROOF! Look at the image! No one could doctor that up!

Senate and House Republicans are seething over this new discovery, and took to their social media accounts, as well as personal media megaphone Fox News, to announce their outrage. Those running for office seem to be the maddest of all. In fact they are so mad they are making the picture of the baby with the T-Rex their profile images for several of their accounts. They are livid over this action by Planned Parenthood and want all public funds stripped immediately. IMMEDIATELY. JUST BECAUSE.


Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as details unfold regarding this controversy.

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