China To Dome Entire Cities and Create Fake Pollution Free Skies

China has a bold new plan to deal with extreme pollution.

As the world’s largest source of carbon emissions, China is responsible for a third of the planet’s greenhouse gas output and has sixteen of the world’s twenty most polluted cities. The air quality is so bad it has blocked out the sun and the government has resorted to putting up digital billboards to replicate sunrises and sunsets.

However, the billboards don’t address the actual pollution problem. The average Chinese city dweller’s life span has decreased by 5.5 in the years since 1990. China has paid a heavy price for such rapid industrialization.
Now, China plans to spend some of its enormous wealth to combat the pollution problem in a novel way. They are going to dome over their most populous cities. The first four will be Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong.

The gigantic domes will cover the most populated portions of the city while trying to leave the pollution causing manufacturing plants on the outside of the dome. Of course pollution will still be created within the domes by traffic and factories that are too close to city centers to exclude. For this they are installing giant venting systems that will pull the pollution out of the dome and back into the atmosphere.

To combat the problem of blocking out the sun, moon and stars with the giant concrete domes; the Chinese government has enlisted the help of several Las Vegas artisans to create artificial skies.

If you’ve ever walked through Paris, New York, Caesar’s Palace or any number of Las Vegas hotels you’ve seen the arched ceilings complete with clouds and ever changing time-of-day lighting to give the illusion that you are walking down open-air streets.

China is taking the concept to an astronomical level by doming entire cities to achieve the same effect.

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