Jesus Saves — By Switching To Geico


Early on Tuesday, Jesus, formerly of Nazareth, went on Google to figure out  ways he could save people today, and then thought to himself, “What about me? I’d like to save too.”

So upon one Google search he noticed a link that said, “Save 15% by switching to Geico,” and Jesus knew this would be his chance to save himself bigtime.

He went to the Geico website and plugged in all the pertinent information and clicked “submit.” Low and behold, his insurance rates dropped not just 15% but actually 18%. He was stoked!

Jesus said to Free Wood Post:

“If I’d known I could save myself this much all along, I’d have switched to Geico a long time ago. Now that’s a lesson learned in procrastinating. I’ve got to go, more people to be saved.”

The lesson many can learn by this is, if you do the work you need to do on your own, you too can save yourself.

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