Netanyahu: ‘Thanks For Letting Me Insult You To Your Face, Now Give Me More Money’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before a joint meeting of Congress Tuesday to discuss his aspirations to get reelected fear the deal President Obama is currently working on with Iran won’t be effective. After he began his speech praising Obama for all the work he has done and support he has given to Israel, he then spent the next half an hour giving out jab after jab. Republicans quite honestly couldn’t get enough and many were seen awkwardly rubbing one out in their seats.

After the speech concluded Free Wood Post caught up with Netanyahu and he gave us this statement:

“It was so nice of your Speaker Boehner to invite me here to lecture you on how infantile and weak your president is. He needs to man up and not accept an agreement with Iran. Quite honestly, we need war. We’ve always needed war and we’ll need your money, your armies and your contractors to get the job done. Peace cannot be handled diplomatically through resolutions and sanctions, they must be handled with an iron fist and American money! However, let me say thanks for letting me insult you to your face instead of just at the United Nations or from over in Israel. It was nice seeing the whites of the eyes of all the people responsible for giving us so much money whenever we ask for it. Even your own people can’t get their health paid for like we do. We appreciate you considering your money to be more necessary for us than yourselves. That’s very generous. Now give us more money.”

His speech was definitely received with mix reactions — conservatives bowing down and gobbling up every word like a Thanksgiving day turkey, and logical-minded folk who know they have heard this song and dance before and know Netanyahu’s words could destabilize a potential agreement as well as increase tensions in the region. At least Netanyahu was somewhat honest in his statement with Free Wood Post.


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