Bill O’Reilly Discusses His Recovery From PTSD After Last War On Christmas



After Bill O’Reilly’s claims that he was in the Falklands during the time of the war in 1982 has drawn such criticism, he would like people to focus on his latest trauma. He was in a war, and he battles it every year. In fact, he is the leading soldier in this battle that is the longest war in history — THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS.

Free Wood Post recently sat down with Bill O’Reilly to discuss his recurring PTSD from ‘The War on Christmas’:

FWP: Bill, may I call you Bill?

O’Reilly: Sure.

FWP: Bill, you’re on the forefront of the War Against Christmas year in  and year out. How is this affecting you?

O’Reilly: Well, it’s been a struggle. Many don’t seem to think the war is something we need to be concerned about, or even see it as a problem.

FWP: Could it be that there is no War on Christmas?

O’Reilly: Don’t start with that. You know well and good that this is a hard-fought battle by the liberal elite to get Jesus out of our nation and out of Christmas.

FWP: We’ve noticed you’re on the front lines.

O’Reilly: Someone has to be. Otherwise we’ll lose the holiday in its entirety.

FWP: Do you really believe that?

O’Reilly: I just don’t know how much longer I can fight this battle alone. And it’s ruining my everyday life. It’s already February and I can’t seem to shake the last Christmas out of my brain. It was a brutal battle last year — President Obama said “Happy Holidays” 37 times. 37 times?! Can you believe that? Why does he hate America and Jesus?

FWP: Maybe the president is just trying to be all-inclusive to every holiday that occurs around that time of the year.

O’Reilly: Other holidays??! There are no other holidays.

FWP: Actually, there’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, New Years…

O’Reilly: Stop right there… you’re one of those liberal elites, aren’t you? I’m suffering from my latest bought of PTSD from the War on Christmas, and you are siding with the enemy. This interview is over.

FWP: Ummm, okay.

O’Reilly: I’m always battling this alone… I’m the bravest man on the planet. Just like with my time in the Falklands, Normandy, and the Civil War. I’m the best… THE BEST!

That was when the interview ended and Bill O’Reilly stomped out of the room mumbling, “I was there! I was there! I’m alone in all of this.”

No word on if the TV host/”journalist” is seeking help for his supposed PTSD surrounding the “War on Christmas” and his other battle experiences.

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