With Election Around The Corner, Top GOP Officials Suggest Using Hologram Reagan For 2016

As the Republicans grapple with Donald Trump being damaging to the party for generations to come, top Republican officials are starting to get nervous. They know they are going up going against Hillary Clinton, and when looking at who they have to run against her, and how utterly toxic he is, they realize they don’t have much of anyone. It is rumored that RNC Chair Reince Priebus needed to be consoled out of the fetal position where he lay weeping over what he has to work with.

Sure, Trump has accepted the nomination, but he’s getting more awful by the day, and Republicans just aren’t willing to take any more chances.

After combing over other potential options, top Republican officials are thinking they may need to resort to someone they know can win — Ronald Reagan.

It’s obvious the former president is no longer with us, nor could he run again if he were, but there’s nothing apparent in the rule book about running a hologram, which of course would be controlled be the RNC, Charles and David Koch, alongside Fox News.

Once news of the potential Ronald Reagan hologram, which was supposed make its debut at the 2012 Republican National Convention, hit the newswire, conservatives everywhere were ecstatic. Republicans love the Gipper and quite honestly are very excited at the possibility that he may make another appearance in the Oval Office.

Democrats on the other hand are beyond bewildered. They just can’t understand how a hologram could actually run for office, let alone a hologram of a man who tripled the deficit, funded the Taliban, and flipped our economy upside down to the point where the nation is still trying to right the ship.

Free Wood Post has attempted to contact election officials if running a hologram candidate is, in fact, legal. We will update you as soon as we hear back.

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