Jon Stewart To Take Over For Brian Williams At NBC: ‘He’s America’s Most Trusted News Anchor’


As Brian Williams is likely to be stepping down later this year, television’s most trusted news anchor, Jon Stewart, will be stepping in.

This news has been confirmed by Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show. America knows and loves him, and cannot wait for him to begin his new adventure of delivering honest news to a broader market.

In what can only be seen as a rite of passage for Stewart, he’ll be filling some big shoes, but shoes he’s prepared to fill, with honest reporting and integrity.

Albeit Stewart will be missed in his Monday – Thursday time slot, there are several up-and-coming comic news anchors that will undoubtedly keep with the trusted journalism we’ve come to know and love from Comedy Central.

Stewart is said to be excited for his career move and is looking forward to an exciting future at NBC.

NBC released the following statement regarding their choice of Stewart:

“He’s America’s most trusted news anchor, and quite frankly, we could use that about now.”

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