NFL Determines Soft Balls To Blame For Colts Inability To Get Past New England’s Defense


In a statement released by the NFL earlier today, it has been determined that the Colts couldn’t get past the New England Patriots’ defense due to the Colts’ soft balls.

“After a thorough investigation looking into why the Indianapolis Colts lost so drastically to the New England Patriots, it has been determined that Andrew Luck and his offense had absolutely no luck at all scoring against the steadfast brick wall of the New England defense.

The Colts were found have extremely soft balls, and were unable to penetrate to score except for when the Patriots gave them enough penalty yardage to put their only seven points up on the scoreboard. Having soft balls is not illegal, but it does serve to the teams detriment and explains why they lost so drastically.

This investigation has been closed.”

Free Wood Post hopes this clears the air as to which team rightfully won the AFC Championship despite soft balls.

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