Conservative Fears Realized When Obama Dons Royal Crown


Conservatives across the United States knew something was afoot from the get go. They simply had the feeling that President Obama wanted to turn the United States of America into a Monarchy.

“He thinks he’s a king!” said Susie of Kansas.

Karl from Georgia said, “He’s a tyrant who wants to rule over us like royalty!”

No one believed them. Well, that is, until now.

It would seem conservative fears have been realized as President Obama put on his “tyrannical royal crown” for everyone to see.

Jerome from Oklahoma said, “I told you! Just look at him! He wants to rule over us! He put that crown on right after the midterms. He knew he had to wait.”

Charlene from Idaho told Free Wood Post, “He’s posing with children! Indoctrinating them with his royal ways. He wants to get to their minds as they’re still developing. He’s a monster!”

“Say goodbye to freedom…” said Earl from Southern Alabama. “We’ve lost our nation to a dictator king overlord. He doesn’t seem to want to care about us at all. Helping us get healthcare and fixing the economy are just distractions from his true plan to stay president until the end of time!”

We here at Free Wood Post are fairly certain President Obama was just posing for a cute picture with some Girl Scouts, and have drawn no such conclusions about this innocent encounter.


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