North Korea Unable To Access Their AOL Dial-Up


After the hacking of Sony and the subsequent cancellation of the movie ‘The Interview’ it would seem a new set of hackers have disrupted North Korea’s internet.

The communist nation, well-known for their subpar testing of nuclear missiles which have crashed miserably into the ocean, is now having severe difficulty accessing their AOL dial-up connection to the internet.

They’ve been trying all day, waiting for the dial-up sound that is music to their ears, but alas, nothing.

No “you’ve got mail.”
No pling of Instant Messenger.
No joy of watching video stream at a glacial pace.


North Korea is likely to update their internet after this recent alleged hacking event, but they will sorely miss the days of dialing up and getting online the old-fashioned way. The free install disc seems to no longer be relevant.


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