Police Officer Panics Playing ‘Monopoly’ With Actual Possibility Of Going To Jail


In a small town in Pennsylvania, a local police officer named Herb Frinkelbalm sat down to play the board game ‘Monopoly’ with his family over the weekend.

As his kids were setting up the game and laying out all the money, pieces, and cards, Frinkelbalm seemed unnerved about something.

He looked down at the table before him and noticed something was missing. Something in his every day life he’s used to and takes advantage of — he didn’t automatically receive all the ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ cards.

Frinkelbalm didn’t quite know how to take the possibility of actually being sent to jail for something he did, or worse yet, something he didn’t do and just landed on the wrong spot on the playing board at the wrong time.

In everyday life, Frinkelbalm was used to receiving special treatment from his fellow officers, superiors, and county prosecutors. He’s seen his coworkers get away with everything from speeding, to the occasional overuse of force resulting in death of an alleged perp.

When his kids noticed his discomfort they reassured him that it was just a game and not real life. Once the game is over, he’ll still have all his real cards in place.

Relieved, he went on with the game and thought to himself, “Is this what it’s really like? To live in constant fear of going to jail for no reason?” Then he thought, “Maybe, but at least it’s something I don’t have to personally worry about.”

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