Many Angered By Obama Remembering The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants


There has been a broad debate regarding immigration reform in the United States, but one side of the argument seems to forget one simple notion — the USA is a nation of immigrants, and has been from the very beginning. It’s kind of the USA’s thing.

With President Obama signing executive actions into place solidifying paperwork for millions that will help them work, stay with their families, and hopefully gain legal status within the coming years, many have expressed their displeasure with the presidents actions.

Free Wood Post caught up with a few of these displeased Americans:

Cindy from Oklahoma said, “It just ain’t right. These people coming here expecting to live and work here. I mean, we ain’t running a bed and breakfast. Don’t they know only Americans should be allowed to work in America?!”

“What do they expect?” said Paulie from Virginia. “All these folks coming across the border as though we have a sign that reads, “land of opportunity” or a welcome mat that says, “give me your poor” –come on now! That’s not we’s about at all!”

“How dare President Obummer remember we’re a nation of immigrants!” said Cletus from Alabama. “We’re full now! My family is here. My friends families are here. That’s enough! If they wanted to be Americans or work in America they should’ve come way back when! It’s too late now! That tyrant in the White House needs to put down his pen and remember that we the people are sick and tired of all his book learning knowledge and stop putting in place pieces of paper that acknowledge our old way of thinking. No more! The inn is full! We need to tell ’em all to go back where they come from!”

It seems several people don’t quite understand that what President Obama is doing is not much different than what presidents before him have done. It seems the rage isn’t so much about the executive actions, but more about who has the executive power.

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