Ted Cruz: ‘Only The Wealthy Should Be Allowed To Thrive’


In a moment of honesty, Texas Senator Ted Cruz revealed what he truly thinks about prosperity in the United States.

In an open forum to undergraduate students at Liberty University, Cruz opened up about how the country should ideally be run, at least in his opinion.

“You’ll hear all the time about ‘equal opportunity for all’, but what is that really? I’ll tell you. It’s liberal mumbo jumbo for ‘giving poor people a chance.’ However, why are they poor? They’re poor because they didn’t have the wherewithal to be born into money at the time of conception. Listen, I’m all for educating Americans, but only if they can afford to be educated. We can’t just give education away. You know what would happen if we did that? Have more liberals. Liberals are around because people are educated. We can’t have that. We need people to stay ignorant. We need the wealthy to be educated to control the ignorant. That’s the only way our nation is going to work. Quite honestly, only the wealthy should be allowed to thrive. They purchased that right. They purchased me to give them that right. Same goes for healthcare, if poor people wanted to have health care they should’ve thought ahead and not been born poor. Or they should marry someone at Goldman-Sachs like I did. See, that’s where I get my health care, from good ole Goldman-Sachs. You might remember them from the government bailout of 2008. You see, it’s okay to give money to the already wealthy. They know what to do with it. They hold onto it. Don’t listen to the myth that paying people more will create jobs. That’s liberal BS. As though increased demand and spending power would increase revenue and hiring power. Ha! No, tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate subsidies creating a supply heavy economy with low paying jobs, that’s what works! This is also why we need the Internet to be made to only allow companies who want to pay more to actually be seen. No one wants to see some little website boutique or blog. People only want what we tell them to see from the people who pay more for it to be seen. “Fair Internet” and “net neutrality” are socialist idioms created to take away the rich’s ability to control everything. We can’t have that. America is the land of the free, as so long as you can purchase the freedom to control everything. ”

We here at Free Wood Post in no way endorse the words of Senator Cruz.

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