John Boehner: ‘The President Insisting On Doing His Job Makes Us All Look Bad’


WASHINGTON DC — After the recent defeat of several incumbent Democrats many are looking the the nation’s leaders to see what direction the country will go in next.

President Obama mentioned that he will veto bills he doesn’t approve of and write executive actions for policies not accomplished in an extremely gridlocked Congress.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) recently sat down in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post.

FWP: Speaker Boehner, what are your plans for the next couple months leading into the next term?

JB: It’s clear we need to do what’s best for the American people.

FWP: And what exactly is that?

JB: We need to reach across the aisle and get things done.

FWP: And what things would that be?

JB: We need jobs, tax reform, energy, and immigration reform.

FWP: The president mentioned immigration reform as well, do you plan on passing the bipartisan Senate bill that is ready to vote on?

JB: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

FWP: The president has made it clear that he will sign an executive action by December if no action in Congress is taken.

JB: Ugh, listen, the president insisting on doing his job is making us all look bad.

FWP: Are you insinuating you won’t be moving forward with the Senate bill?

JB: Why can’t I just enjoy the holidays in peace? I just want to sit down with a glass of fine Merlot and relax.

FWP: So is doing nothing exhausting?

JB: You have no idea.

FWP: So, immigration reform. Do you plan on passing a bill? Or do you just just plan on criticizing the president for doing what you’re not?

JB: Ouch! We will get something accomplished.

FWP: Something other than the annual Congressional Secret Santa party?

JB: Well, I didn’t say that… ugh, I hope I don’t get Pelosi again this year.

FWP: Focus, Speaker.

JB: Listen, we will work with the president as long as he gives us exactly what we want, and then gives up what ever it is he wants.

FWP: So you’re not willing to work with him?

JB: That’s not what I said.

FWP: It kind of is.

JB: Oh look at that, it’s time for lunch. Are we done here.

FWP: I suppose we are.

There you have it, folks. Speaker Boehner is willing to work as so long as he only gets what he wants, and the president doesn’t do his job.

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