Pandemic Sweeps America As More And More Baby Boomers Are Lost To Fox News


It’s like something out of a movie, and it’s right under our noses as we here in the United States ignore an ever-spreading pandemic.

Last year alone, we lost more than 80,000 Baby Boomers to Fox News.

“It’s taken over my father’s brain,” said Susan M., 34, of Denver, CO. “It’s as though he’s lost all ability to think rationally and come up with thoughts of his own. I asked him about the weather and he snapped back, “That Marxist Obama is making it harder for me to enjoy the sunshine.” It was as though he had been taken over by a demon. I’m frightened for my children. I don’t want them around their grandfather anymore for fear that his thoughts may infect my young ones.”

Patrick J., 32, of Richmond, VA spoke to us saying, “My parents are as good as gone. I can’t even carry on a conversation with them. Every time I go to their house Fox News is blaring in the background. I even heard them call the family dog a “moocher” and a “socialist” for wanting to be fed. I really wanted them at my wedding, but I’m marrying a Democrat, and quite honestly, I’m worried about a Palin style family brawl breaking out.”

We can no longer take this lightly. The infotainment network, Fox News is slowly eating away at an entire generation’s brain. There are those who have recovered or appear to be immune, and currently the CDC is harvesting their blood for a possible vaccine to prevent this pandemic from reaching younger and younger generations.

Facts are out their people, and so is the ability to draw your own conclusions. You just have to be willing to do the work. However, the easiest way to fight off this plague is to simply turn off Fox News… and maybe go for a walk to clear your head.

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