Chris Christie Now Says He Wants GOP To Charge Voters A Toll At Voting Booths


New Jersey’s blustery Republican governor made headlines yesterday when he joined other right-wing governors in their efforts to impose stern and undemocratic voting restrictions. Christie, who vetoed a bill that permitted early voting and messed around with the voting process in the state of New Jersey during last year’s special Senate Election, now wants to the GOP to control voting mechanisms, according to the Bergen Record.

Doubling down on his initial comments on voting, Christie now says that he wants the GOP to charge voters a toll at voting booths.

“Everyone knows that I love jacking up fees and balancing he budget on the backs of New Jersey’s middle-class and poor,” said Christie. “It only seems appropriate that taxpayers pony up a toll at voting booths.”

Christie, who is still under federal investigation over the motives behind the GWB closure, loves wasting taxpayer money if it means furthering his own power and the power of the GOP.

Christie added, “Do you really want working class people being able to easily vote?

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