Fox News Viewer Forced Into ‘Detox’ After Being Exposed To Reliable Source


After years of watching only Fox News as a source of information, Kansas native Walter Binchelgrass, 64, stumbled upon BBC after punching the wrong number into his remote. He hasn’t been the same since.

At first Binchelgrass became withdrawn from all his usual activities, then he stopped eating. He started thinking everything he ever did before was a lie.

Finally, family members intervened and asked what was wrong. When Binchelgrass explained he had finally seen truthful reporting and didn’t know what to do next, his family stepped in and flew him to the “Fox News Rehabilitation Center”.

At the detox center Binchelgrass’ family explained that he had been exposed to a reliable source of information, and now he was having trouble coping with everyday activities.

The center knew just what to do.

They rushed Binchelgrass into a “safe space” where only unbiased news was playing, mostly from international sources, but a little from NPR. Then they told him everything was going to be okay. They presented him with direct facts and figures as well as copies of historical documents from the National Archives that hadn’t been cherry picked to fit the conservative narrative. He was also given fresh fruits and veggies and told that eating them wasn’t going to make him become part of the “Michelle Obama Communist movement” but rather just healthy.

After 30 days in detox Walter Binchelgrass is doing very well. He’s happy and healthy, looking forward to Christmas with his kids sans arguments stemming from false instigative political rhetoric.

Binchelgrass urges others to follow his example and step away from the fear-mongering and anger inducing Fox News. As well as all other right-wing “news” sources.

We here at Free Wood Post are proud of the progress Walter Binchelgrass has made on his road to recovery.

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