Texas To Only Allow Voting In Red Districts


With the ongoing debate about voter ID continuing in Texas, no one seemed to notice a bill get passed under the radar regarding polling places.

A new law that passed along party lines was just signed by Governor Rick Perry which only allows voting to happen within districts that predominantly vote Republican. All other previous voting locations will be shut down until further notice.

“This new law is in the best interest of Texas,” said Gov. Perry in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post. “Hopefully, the rest of the United States will catch on as well. It’s for freedom really. Freedom and liberty. In order to remove any tyranny from office we can only have people who love freedom and liberty voting, and we all know who votes for freedom and liberty — Republicans, especially the Tea Party. There will be those who piss an moan about “disenfranchisement” and “discrimination” and “cheating” and “the constitution” but c’mon now, we need true patriots in office, and that will only happen if we only allow red districts to vote. I fully support this law, and I will support all others like it. It’s a special day here in Texas. We know now that only true supporters of freedom and liberty will be voting. God bless America and God bless Texas.”

The Supreme Court recognizes the new law and will refuse to do anything about it so close to the election just like with the voter ID law that disenfranchises close to half a million people in the Lone-star State. Many, if not most of which vote blue.

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