Whistleblower Reveals Modern Day News Run By Hypochondriacs


As fear of Ebola in the a United States is ever-increasing due mainly to the news media overblowing facts and reality, it has come to the attention of Free Wood Post that all news outlets are run by hypochondriacs.

Recently, we were contacted by an anonymous source, who for the moment has chosen to remain in the dark. This whistleblower has revealed that the head of every news outlet in the nation (television, print, online) are headed by worrisome hypochondriacs.

“I came into work one day and saw my boss Lysoling everything, including my hands as I entered. When I asked what they were doing they told me they were stopping all the infections. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I Googled local disease outbreaks and nothing came up. I then phoned some pals at other media sources and they told be their bosses also do what mine was doing on a regular basis. They even make all their employees walk through decontamination vestibules on their way into the building. When I thought about it, it explained all the news coverage on Ebola, and how all of a sudden we had “an outbreak” when only one guy had it and only a handful of others who were in direct contact with those with severe symptoms. Everything started to make sense. My boss is a hypochondriac, and so are all the media heads, and they’re using their power of news media to spread their debilitating fear amongst the masses. I had to come forward to Free Wood Post. You guys are the only news source left with journalistic integrity.”

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as more information is revealed. In the mean time, focus on reality, not fear served on a news media silver platter to be eaten up.

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