Kim Jong Un Just Trying Out His New Invisibility Cloak


There has been broad speculation as to where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been recently. Many assume he’s fallen ill, while others think he’s being ousted in some form of coup d’etat.

Recently, Free Wood Post caught up with the dictator who stepped forward to us because of our legitimacy and standards in journalism.

As it turns out, Un hasn’t gone anywhere, but rather just wearing his new invisibility cloak that he got as a present from American basketball pseudo-legend Dennis Rodman.

“The Worm knows how much I love to be everywhere at once,” said Un. “I put on my cloak and no one knows where I am. It’s a power no one else on the planet has. I can be everywhere and nowhere at once. Spying on my citizens, and eating a meal under my cloak that no one has to no about. It’s a great way to cheat on a diet. Shhh. Hahaha.”

When we asked if he was going to come out from under his cloak any time soon Un said, “Oh no no no, I’m having too much fun! I need at least another month, then I’ll make up my mind.”

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as this story unfolds.

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