Coffee Cup Salute Worst Thing Since Tan Suit


In the aftermath of TanSuitGate 2014, where President Obama was caught giving a press conference in the unAmerican color tan, it seems the Commander-in-Chief has some explaining to do.

As the president stepped off Marine One he had a cup of coffee in his hand. He then saluted the Marines greeting him with the cup in his hand. This lapse in judgement is certain to have devastating consequences both domestically and internationally.

Sure, to the layperson, it may not look like a big deal. It may just look like the president has a lot on his mind with impending war overseas on multiple fronts, several domestic policy issues that need immediate attention, as well as the need to stay awake and alert. However, to experts on proper saluting protocol, it is an affront to humanity.

(Never mind the fact that President Reagan was the first to salute and as civilians they really shouldn’t)

The Commander-in-Chief and highest ranking official in the United States obviously has zero respect for our troops. Never mind the fact that he won’t send troops into a situation without being absolutely necessary, or helped lead the charge in getting proper benefits for Veterans, he obviously hates America.

What next? Will the president put up another “Holiday Tree”?? As if there are more than just Christians in the United States. I mean… who does he think he is… president of all citizens? This is why we need a Republican in office. We should only be serving the interests of Billionaires, Christians, and Oil profiteers. Besides, a Republican president would never have anything in his hands while saluting…. well, aside from this guy who’s never invited anywhere so it doesn’t count:


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