Exhausted After Doing Nothing, Congress Takes Two Month Vacation


WASHINGTON D.C. — After a few days back in Washington D.C. doing nothing but grandstanding and poppycocking, Congress is exhausted and will be taking a 57 day break.

“It’s hard doing so much beating around the bush,” said Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). “Thinking of excuses to not pass bills and blaming the Democrats even though I’m Speaker of the House isn’t always easy. Then I have to coordinate with the Senate and make sure they’re stalemated as well. I’ve been running around so much making sure nothing gets done to make President Obama look bad that I’m utterly drained. It’s hard work and this vacation is well-deserved. Besides, I’m trying to get reelected, which is really all that matters to me anyway. Got to get back home.”

When Free Wood Post asked the Speaker why he doesn’t just do the job he was elected to do and serve the people he responded, “But I am doing my job. By me doing nothing it forces other people to do something.”

Maybe that “something” will be voting Speaker Boehner out of office.

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